Window Witch Window Cleaner

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Window cleaning the easy way. No need to squeegee. Leaves a streak free finish! 

Great for glass pool fences

Click onto a hose. Off you go!

Window Witch® - 2L Ready to use.   
No need to squeegee ever again! This is the 'Invisible Liquid Squeegee'
Window Witch®  uses a combination of smart surfactants that dissolve dirt and grime.

Window Witch® also contains citrate water softeners and high performance additives to sheet water from the window, eliminating water spotting and streaking.

Window Witch® has a newly developed Sniper Nozzle that will give you an 8 metre reach - that's 2 storeys high! 

Window Witch® is easy to apply!

Apply Window Witch® to the window with our new Sniper Nozzle which can reach up to 8 metres (that's 2 storeys).  Move quickly to avoid wastage.
Lightly agitate with an extendable microfibre window pad to loosen any excess dirt and grime.
It is very important that you rinse off within 5 minutes. Don’t let Window Witch® dry on the surface!
When you rinse off - rinse thoroughly by turning the nozzle position to water. Work from the top of window to the bottom so that you don't leave any soap residue. 

Benefits: No need to squeegee windows!

  • Window Witch® is fantastic to maintain recently cleaned windows and should be used as a maintenance spray.
  • Water sheets off, leaving your windows looking sparkling clean!
  • Takes the hard work out of window cleaning.
  • Safer! – no need to climb ladders. You can stand on the ground and reach a height of 8 metres. 

Coverage: When used as per instructions on the bottle, Window Witch® will cover up to 600 sq metres.