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The WatrWing is a water toy that allows you to swim underwater like a dolphin! Hugely popular underwater pool toy.

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With the Watrwing you can play like a dolphin or spin like a seal. The Water Wing steers you through the water, allowing you to ascend and descend, and twist and turn like a fish!


The WatrWing is perfect for the pool or beach. It helps you to explore the depths by diving to investigate the sea beds or swim at the surface to admire the underwater world.


Dive, climb and guide underwater

It is essential that swimmers develop all round underwater skills (including kicking skills and the ability to hold their breath in all body positions) during starts and turns and in situations when dealing with changes in water pressure is difficult to manage.

Watrwing® can help swimmers to learn these skills.

Assisted with Watrwing® and fins, swimmers can practice high speed turns and good body position