Waterjet LED Colour Changing Pool Light

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These beautiful underwater LED colour changing pool lights offer a very affordable option for pool owners. They come ready to mount onto any pool wall and include a 20 meter cable.

260mm diameter. 40mm thick.

16 programs available including, white - sun white, red, green, blue, green-blue,red-green, blue-red, Evening Sea - slow animation of red/blue, Evening Rivers - slow animation or red/green, Riviera - slow animation of green/blue, White - neutral white, Rainbow - slow animation of blue/red/green, River of colours - does Rainbow, followed by Four Seasons, Disco - fast animation, Four Seasons - slow animation of red/blue/green, violet, Party - fast animation.

Rear View...

Waterjet LED pool light

Installation diagram for fibreglass and concrete pools...

Waterjet pool light installation diagram