Swim Fin

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SwimFin is the world’s first and only vertical swimming aid, shaped like a shark’s fin. It is used by hundreds of swim instructors around the world.

SwimFin is three things in one, which makes it the perfect addition to your learn to swim program...|
1. A LEARN TO SWIM AID It can be used to teach children of all ages and abilities all four swimming strokes.
It is a non-inflatable foam float, which completely supports the child in the water during their lesson.
It can introduce new games and activities into your lessons making learning to swim fun!

The SwimFin should be worn above the centre of gravity on the child’s upper back, between the shoulder blades, regardless of the child’s age, weight or level of competence.



  • The SwimFin provides the beginner with increased confidence immediately and its playful shark fin design can often be used to encourage the most timid or nervous child to enter the pool.
  • Self-adjusting buoyancy depending on how confident the child is and how quickly they master being in the pool
  • No restriction on arm and leg movement, encouraging children to instinctively use their arms to stay afloat
  • The child is suspended in a vertical position, meaning they are not tipped forward
  • Free movement of arms and legs allows children to learn using doggie paddle and a bicycle kick
  • With increased confidence, children will begin to try other techniques and more adventurous play in the water.
  • Suitable for children of all ages (best suited to 2-6 year olds or between 15-30 kgs)
  • Made from high quality solid EVA foam – no need to inflate/deflate for each use and no risk of bursting or deflating
  • Meets international safety standards
  • One size fits all
  • High quality Velcro straps that move with the body and become stickier the wetter they get (which is good!)
  • Suitable for all swimming strokes, including backstroke