Sunny Outdoor Solar Shower - Premium

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A great portable outdoor solar shower that can be moved around the yard anywhere your hose will reach. The solar panel mounted base supports the shower even when it's windy.  

When the storage tank base that acts as a Solar Panel is connected to the water supply and exposed to the sun for about 2 hours, the water inside is heated to up to 60°C. The water is then appropriately combined with cold water through the mixer, which enables a hot water supply at around 30°C.

Sunny solar Shower

The Solar Shower assembles in minutes, sets up anywhere, is lightweight and portable plus, the Solar Showers height allows tall bathers to wash without stooping.

Installation is easy. Just place the lightweight shower in the desired location, and attach a garden hose to the shower's base.

The dial on Solar Shower pole combines cool water with heated water, allowing the temperature to be easily adjusted.

Sunny Solar Shower

Sunlight penetrates the Solar Showers transparent lid and trapped solar radiation heats the water as it courses through the internal collection tube