Structural Epoxy Filler 2 x 1 litre (2L Pack)

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Luxapool SEF (Structural Epoxy Filler) is a fully formulated, underwater grade, 2-pack epoxy filler designed for surface repair & medium/fine surface filling prior to the application of Epoxy pool paint. Can be used all pool surfaces.

All surfaces to be filled should be free from oil, grease & other contamination.

Application is by trowel, spreader or similar.

Touch dry within 2 hours. Recommended recoat with Luxapool Epoxy Paint, depending on temperature & humidity is 6-24 hours. Full cure is obtained after 72 hours at 25 deg.

Mix equal quantities of Part A with Part B in a clean plastic or metal can or similar. Mix thoroughly until an even colour results across the whole quantity. Use product immediately after mixing.