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Spazazz Aromatherapy Escape Beads
Need a pick-me-up? Submerge yourself…

Many different fragrances available... From an Energy Boost to a Flirty Fantasy! We have a canister to suit any occasion.

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Some benefits are Skin Softener and Soothes Aches and Pain. Just turn on the Jets and Boost Vitality!

Will fit most brands of aromatherapy canisters
All natural ingredients
Humidifier and diffuser ready

The beads are designed for hot tubs & spas and will not leave behind oily residue or have any other negative impact on your spa's water.

These small aromatherapy granules are versatile enough to be used not only in your hot tub, but also in humidifers, vacuums, and vehicles.


All natural blend
Enhances the look/feel of your skin
Large selection of fragrances
Helps reduce stress and tension
Long lasting
Designed for hot tubs & spas, will not leave oil residue or change water chemistry

Other uses:

Humidifer - Place beads in humidifer water for aromatherapy effects
Vacuums - Disperse beads in carpet and vacuum for aromatherapy
Vehicle Sachet - enjoy pleasing aroma of your choice even while on the go

Simply add a canister of your favourite aromatherapy beads - formulated with selected herbs, fruits and blossoms - to the aromatherapy dispenser.