Spa Safe Pipe Sanitiser 15L

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Spa Safe is widely used to disinfect commercial spa baths as required by the Department of Health to eliminate disease causing pathogens from contaminated pipes

Cleaner and degreaser
Wipes out health threatening bacteria, fungus, mildew , molds and mites in pipes
Totally eliminates disease causing bacteria associated with asthma, hayfever, athletes foot and eczema
Degreasing solution melts away all pipe accumulated fat and debris deposits as spa water is circulated and drained away by the spa pump and booster heater
Controls the growth of air born bacteria in pipes that can breed & be inhaled e.g. Legionaire's disease
Regular pipe degreasing assures an enjoyable and hygienic spa experience
Dosing Instruction: 50ml per 500L or 1000ml per 1000L