Spa Electrics 12v Niche / Flush Mounted light (Halogen - for new pools)

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Spa Electrics WN250 pool light. 12v, 100w Halogen Niche/Flush mounted pool light. Comes with 18m cable. Choose your pool surface, rim colour & lens colour. Diameter is 164mm for concrete & 175mm for fibreglass. Protrudes from the pool wall only 18mm for concrete & 22mm for a fibreglass installation.

Flush Mounted Halogen Lights

All Spa Electrics lights use a unique cable connection; this feature eliminates the possibility of moisture entering the light via the cable gland.

To maximize the lamp life of your Halogen globe your light should be used regularly, lack of regular use can potentially damage the globe making it prone to blowing after extended periods of non-use.

Do not use silicone grease on any of the seals as water will leak into the light and damage the globe.

Never turn on your lights out of water as the fitting will over-heat rapidly and leak.

The Spa Electrics WN250 is a 12volt 100 watt light that protrudes only
18 mm from the pool wall.

It is the first light on the market with a detachable plug for ease of servicing.

(Picture has optional dress ring fitted)