Signature / Waterway / Sapphire Wide Mouth Spa Filter 210mm

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Waterways/Sapphire Spas wide mouth filter cartridge.
Has a closed flat top with D style handle and the bottom has a coarse thread spigot.

This filter is 15mm shorter than the original to fit more spas however it has the same filtration area.

Filter dimensions: Height- 204mm (not including handle and spigot), Width- 148mm, Spigot ID- 35mm.

Suitable replacement filter for filters used on:

Signature Spas, Spa-Quip and other spa units
Heritage Spa
Bunnings spa models - Mandalay Bay & Venetian
Lanark Spa

Cyclone spa models: Force, Hurricane, Monsoon, Storm, Tempest, Tornado, Twister, Typhoon, Whirlwind and Zepher
Designer spa models: Atlantic, Azure, Cascade, Colorado, Entertainer, Lagoon, Milan, Regatta, Riviera, Tasman, Titan, Trinity and X-Stream 126 (Super Swim)
Poolwerx: Motion
Leisurerite spa models: Manhatten, Sahara and Venetian
Signature Spas models: Big Sir, Miami, Millenium, President and V-Stream 1 (Super Swim)
Spas For Life: Relaxer
Spa Industries: Fiji, Grand, Heat and Hyrdo
Fisher spas
Escape spas
Lifestyle spas
Costco spas.