Saltmate 150 Power Supply

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Saltmate 150 power supply only

No cell.

Can also be use to replace a faulty Clearwater C200T or C250T chlorinator power supply. Use your existing Clearwater cell.

Great idea to replace just the power supply if you have recently replaced either a Saltmate 150 or Clearwater C200 / C250 Cell and now the box has died.

They can also replace the Poolrite NSC310 power supply. Use your existing cell.


Set & forget time clock

Highest quality materials

Australian made

Mineral salt compatiable

Adjustable chlorine control

Chlorine meter

Water resistant casing

Resettable circuit breaker

Over salt protection

Cell on/off switch

Optional battery backup timer

Optional 12v pool light transformer

Instructions for connecting a Zodiac / Clearwater cell to this unit:

All you need to do is to cut off your cell cable where it enters the Zodiac power supply & connect the cable to the external cell connection box, located on the underside of the Saltmate. It is important to get the wires connected the correct way... Red to Brown & Black to Blue, then the smaller sensor wires also go together.