Saltmate 120 Power Supply

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Saltmate 120 power supply only.

No cell.

If you have recently replaced the cell, now the box is faulty, you can buy this power supply and connect to your existing model 120 cell.

This power supply can be also used for the the Clearwater C140T & C170T cells & Poolrite SC160, SC210, HC100 & HC200.


Set & forget time clock

Highest quality materials

Australian made

Mineral salt compatiable

Adjustable chlorine control

Chlorine meter

Water resistant casing

Resettable circuit breaker

Over salt protection

Cell on/off switch

Optional battery backup timer

Optional 12v pool light transformer

Instructions for connecting a Zodiac / Clearwater cell to this unit:

All you need to do is to cut off your cell cable where it enters the Zodiac power supply & connect the cable to the external cell connection box, located on the underside of the Saltmate. It is important to get the wires connected the correct way... Red to Brown & Black to Blue, then the smaller sensor wires also go together.