Poppit Sanosil Peroxsil 395 5L Sanitizer

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Peroxsil 395. Brand new formulation from Poppits

Peroxsil 395 replaces Sanosil and Peroxsil 595, with an attractive price and a concentration that makes it safer to handle.
Peroxsil 395 features a concentration of hydrogen peroxide of 35% or 395g/L.

Active Constituents: 395 g/L Hydrogen Peroxide (35% H2O2). 0.33 g/L Silver as Silver Nitrate

Conditions, clarifies and kills the bacteria in spa water.

Peroxsil 395 dosage rates

Suitable for:
Spas and Swim Spas
Hot Tubs
Above Ground Pools
Wading Pools etc.

Add the safety kit for your personal protection...

Protect your hands & eyes when using Spa Poppit or Peroxsil. Only $10 when purchasing this product. Select from the drop down list.

This kit includes:
1 Pair Gloves
1 Pair Safety Eyewear
1 Drum Tap
1 Cap Adapter
Safety data Sheet