Poppit Complete Pool & Spa Maintenance 5L

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Poppit Maintenance and Clarifier. REMOVES PHOSPHATES.

This product is really great value... Clarifies, removes phosphates, algaecide, removes build of TDS (Total Dissolved Prosphates)

Can also be used with Lithium.

Use this product weekly for crystal clear & algae free water.

You won't believe how clean the water looks!

Great for use in pool as well.

This product is designed to use with Poppits sanitizing system to prevent build up and maintain the lowest possible level of undesirable contaminants such as phosphate, algae and organic matter in the pool and spa water.

Dosage rate Shock Treatment Maintenance
Spa/Hot tub 150ml/1000L 50ml/1000L Weekly
Swim Spa 150ml/1000L 50ml/1000L Fortnightly
Swim pool 1L/10,000L 500ml/10,000L Monthly