pH Buffer 2 kg

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pH Buffer or Alkalinity Increaser for pools and spas. Contains: Sodium Bicarbonate

Make sure your pool or spa water is always balanced correctly so your sanitizer works effectively.

pH Buffer dosage guide

pH Buffer should be dissolved in a bucket of water and dispersed around the pool or spa.
Run the filter whilst adding the pH Buffer to ensure adequate distribution throughout the pool or spa water.
Allow 3-4 hours before testing the total alkalinity level again. Make further additions if necessary using the dosage rate as a guide.

pH Buffer (Sodium Bicarbonate) is used to raise total alkalinity in swimming pool and spa water to “buffer” the pH. If total alkalinity levels are too low, pH “bounce” (or excessive fluctuations) will occur. The minimum total alkalinity level in a pool or spa should be 60mg/L (p.p.m)