Onga Pantera PPP750 pump & Pantera PSF 25" Sand Filter

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Need to update your equipment?

Special promotional combo price

Onga Silentflo SF750 & Pantera 25" sand filter - $1050.00... 

Onga Silentflo - Extra quiet & SUPER efficient

  • It uses about 1/3 less power than a Pantera PPP750

  • Reducing green house emissions & running costs

  • A perfect match with the Pantera 25" sand filter


Pantera PPP750 pump & Pantera 25" sand filter combo for the HOT PRICE of $990.00

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Onga pump filter combo

This combo will suit most pools 40,000 litres to 60,000 litres.
Brochure download for filter, Silentflo or Pantera