Miraclear Liquid Pool Clarifier 1L

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LoChlor Miraclear Liquid Pool Clarifier

HEAVY DUTY Clarifying Agent

Arguably the strongest clarifier on the market.


Unique polyelectrolyte formulation
Effective clarifier, compatible with all types of pool systems and surfaces
Will not affect pH balance
20% stronger than other major brands
Non-toxic and non-irritating
Improves filter efficiency
Important Notes

Can be used as an alternative floccing agent to Alum compounds.
Excellent sand filter conditioner
When used consistently, reduces the organic content of your pool water so that you will need to use less chlorine, bromine and algaecide


500mls treats 50,000L pool water

Did you know?

Lo-Chlor Miraclear Liquid Pool Clarifier is a great alternative where floccing is not an option
This is particularly useful in small above ground pools where no waste line is present
Simply add the recommended dose of clarifier and let the particles run through normal filtration
Ensure you regularly clean out the filter or backwash accordingly
You will be AMAZED at the results