HIDDEN Drain Cover

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Building a new pool or renovating an existing one? Take a look at our Hidden Drain cover...

The HIDE Drain Cover is a solution to concealing your exterior surface water drainage outlet. The cover is designed to be lined or filled with the surrounding surface material. This makes the drain cover inconspicuous and virtually disappears.

Sizing has been standardized to conform to exterior patio spaces and standard drainage piping. The HIDE Drain Cover is available in 3 depths suitable for infill material with a thickness of 10/12mm, 20mm, and 30mm. Select this thickness from the above drop down list...

The HIDE Drain Cover is made up of three components:
The five sided tray to support the inlay, made of 316 marine grade stainless sized at 300mm x 300mm.

The HIDE Drain Recess Frame supports and centres the lid and allows 1.2 metres of 5-6mm clearance for water flow. The size of the frame is 314mm square with the depth 8mm more that the tray required by the selected infill material. The Recess Frame base opening size is 220mm square.

The stainless steel key to allow easy access for regular maintenance, cleaning or clearing the water intake slots.

Hidden drain components

Water flow and drainage capacities will vary based on your individual site requirements including, square meterage, gradient and weather conditions. Consult your plumber for specific product suitability and requirements.

The photos show what it could look like with a standard drain cover and what it would look like with our hidden drain...

Old and new

Hidden Drain