Bone Dry 5 Litre

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Bone Dry™

Water & Stain Repellent for Porous Surfaces

  • It protects and moisture proofs. 
  • It is a Moss & Mould Retardant and Stain & Water Repellent.
  • Great to protect any porous surface such as pavers, decks, bricks, canvas etc. For areas such as paths on the south side of your house or areas with overhanging trees etc.
  • If they stay damp in the winter, do preventative maintenance and apply Bone Dry in the summer.
  • Make sure you treat the area with Wet & Forget to remove all biological growth before you apply Bone Dry.

Bone dry sealing deck surfaces

    Surfaces This Can Be Used On -
    • Brick & Block Walls
    • Canvas Awnings
    • Concrete Paths
    • Cow Sheds
    • Driveways
    • Fibrolite Decks or Roofs
    • Particle Board Flooring
    • Paving - Clay & Concrete
    • Pots - Clay or Concrete
    • Retaining Walls - Concrete or Timber
    • Roofs - Concrete, Clay and Fibrolite
    • Shower Grouting
    • Sandstone
    • Timber Decks
    • Timber Patio Furniture
    • Tombstones