AquaQuip EvoFG Retro Replaces PAL2000 Pool Light

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Aquaquip EvoFG Retro fit LED pool light to replace an existing PAL2000 pool light.

Simply remove the existing PAL2000 light from the housing & cut the cable off where it enters the existing light.

This EvoFG retro kit comes with a plug you connect to the existing cable.

Fit the adapter plate into the PAL2000 housing, it just pushes in. Then you screw the new EvoFG light to the bracket & your all done!

Single colour & multi colour options...

Single colour - $250.00

Multi Colour change - $325.00

Specify above if your pool is concrete of fibreglass.

Light diameter is 120mm and will protrude just 25mm from the pool wall

This light is a great Australian made pool light and an excellent replacement for the PAL2000