AquaFresh Auto Feeder

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The AquaFresh auto feeder system is a fully-automated water management system that is completely chlorine-free.
Your pool is kept clean and fresh with a combination of AquaFresh Sanitiser and AquaFresh Enhance.
Small doses are delivered to your pool by this new AquaFresh dosing unit.

The AquaFresh Dosing System provides regular, accurate dosing of the AquaFresh Sanitiser and Enhance products via dual peristaltic pumps.

A pH upgrade kit is also available for complete automation of your Aquafresh system...
Used with an AquaFresh Dosing System, the AquaFresh pH upgrade kit utilises a multi-electrode to monitor the pH of the water and dose with acid via a peristaltic pump. Select the pH upgrade from the drop down list if required.


Aquafresh installation diagram