Alkalinity Up (Buffer) Twist & Dose

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Raises total alkalinity and controls pH.

Essential for swimmer comfort

Active constituent: 1000gm/kg sodium bicarbonate.

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Dosage of Zodiac Alkalinity Up is prescribed by the TWIST top yellow ring when total alkalinity level is below 80ppm.

Simply use purple colour-coded measuring jug and scoop supplied with Zodiac TWIST & DOSE pool health kit to dose exact quantity of Alkalinity Up prescribed by the TWIST.

Rinse scoop and measuring jug after each use.

Make sure the pump is ON before dosing.

Dissolve dosage in a bucket of pool water and apply the solution evenly around the edges of the pool. Run your pump for at least 2 hours following treatment.




Dosage rate*: 200g will raise the Total Alkalinity by 10ppm per 10,000 Litres.

Pour directly into water prior to use or mix in a bucket of water as per the label instructions.

We recommend splitting the dosage rate to not add more than 2Kg at a time per 50,000 litres with a minimum of 6 hours apart. This will avoid any metals plating out on the surface of the pool shoukd they be present.

* Dosage rate indicated is a guide only. Please refer to the label on the packaging for further instructions