Stainless Steel 3 Step Pool Ladder

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316 stainless steel 3 step swimming pool ladder.

Comes complete with flange mounts for bolting down as well as concrete in anchors. Hot price

The perfect choice for swimming pools with a wide surround. 45mm OD tube.
These ladders offer rigid stability and are a stylish design for both commercial and residential pools.

Important information here on looking after your stainless steel pool ladder

Assembly guide here


Stainless steel steps with non slip inserts...

Stainless steel ladder steps

Bolt down flanges & cover plates and hardware supplied... Ladder is easily removed if required. Flanges are 145mm high

Ladder flanges & cover plates

Anchors for concreting in are also supplied as well as the wall buffers.

The ladder is easily removed when using these anchors.

Anchors & buffers