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Aquatight Heat Pumps

Aquatight Pool Heating... Titanium Heat Pumps provide quiet, energy efficient, environmentally-friendly and affordable pool heating all year round.

Aquatight Titanium Heat Pump advantages...

Inexpensive to run - a fraction of the running cost of gas pool heating

Swim in a heated pool all year round if you wish - unlike solar heating which only effectively extends the swimming season by a few months, an Aquatight Heat Pump heats continuously even when it's cool and cloudy, so long as the outside air temperature stays above 7 deg C.

Quietest operation - from 48dB.

Top quality, maximum durability Titanium Heat Exchanger

Installation is fast & easy - unlike solar!

Keep your roof space free for solar electricity panels, further reducing your power bill.

Heats pumps are available for any size pool.

The most popular heat pump is a "solar" heat pump which will heat your pool for an extended swimming season (a couple of months either side of summer). Similar to solar pool heating. Can plug into a standard power point.

Download the brochure...

Contact Direct Pool Supplies at sales@directpoolsupplies.com.au regarding your Heat Pump requirements.

In the email let us know...

1. Your pool size 
2. Location 
3. How often you would like your pool heated.... do you want an extended swimming season only, or would you like to swim in a heated pool all year round? 
4. Are you prepared to use a pool blanket - By adding a blanket, this will reduce the need for an oversized heat pump. Pool blankets will keep the heat in overnight & reduce evaporation by 97%!




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